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עמותת רעים מתנדבים למען משפחות נזקקות בהוד השרון
Volunteering for the benefit of needy families in Hod Hasharon

“For you it is another package but for us it is food for a week…”

רחל כהן מייסדת עמותת רעים

'Reim' Association founder Mrs. Rachel Cohen

The Reim organization was founded by Mrs. Rachel Cohen in 1997 after observing the poverty and distress of the needy families in the city of Hod Hasharon.

Rachel invited about ten volunteers to her home and shared with them the idea of volunteering to assist and support needy families in Hod Hasharon. All participants enthusiastically joined and committed to participate in the initiative. Mr. Ezra Benyamini, the mayor of Hod Hasharon, was also invited to this meeting, with the goal of recruiting him to this growing activity for the needy families in the city.

To her delight, Mr. Benyamini rose to the occasion and on the next day ordered the allocation of a building on 37 Hashikmim street for the activity of the organization and its volunteers,  paving the way to the realization of the idea. This structure serves the organization to this day. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Benyamini for his support.

During the following days and weeks, the group was incorporated as a registered non-profit organization for the benefit of the needy families in Hod Hasharon. Together, we started collecting food supplies for distribution, and at the same time we raised donations and collected equipment necessary for ongoing activities.

Over the years, the organization activities have expanded leading to a bi-weekly distribution of food baskets to families in Hod Hasharon throughout the year. Today the organization distributes approximately 150 food baskets bi-weekly. The baskets include poultry, fish, eggs, bread, vegetables and fruits, oil, rice, tahini, pasta, couscous,  beans, lentils, chickpeas, canned food, tuna, tomato paste, coffee, tea, cornflakes, chocolate spread, jam, cacao, baby food (milk substitudes), diapers and more.

During the holidays, especially Passover and Rosh Hashana, we distribute 300 food baskets so that the needy families will enjoy festive holiday meals to the extent possible.

I would like to personally thank all the people and entities that support the Reim organization,  volunteering for the needy families in Hod Hasharon:

  • First and foremost the volunteers, youth and adults, who come once every other week to pack the food baskets and deliver them door-to-door.

  • All the donors for their generosity in helping the needy families, the Hod Hasharon municipality and specifically the Welfare Department and the Department of Community Resources and Volunteering, for helping locate the needy families in Hod Hasharon and recruiting teenager volunteers. 

  • Chairman of the organization, Mr. Yehuda Lasko, a long time contributor; working tirelessly for proper management of the organization and its activities.

  •  All its board members. 

  • The IDF and other members of the security forces (police, etc.) that assist the distribution of the food baskets for the needy families during the holiday periods. 

Thank you all, God Bless you!!

Rachel Cohen founder

Reim organization 

Volunteering for the needy families in Hod Hasharon

עמותת רעים למען משפחות נזקקות בהוד השרון

Prologue from 'Reim' Organization Founder

Visit Us:
Reim , 37 Hashikmim St. 
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