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עמותת רעים מתנדבים למען משפחות נזקקות בהוד השרון
Volunteering for the benefit of needy families in Hod Hasharon
עמותת רעים מתנדבים למען משפחות בהוד השרון


“For you it is another package but for us it is food for a week…”

Reim, is a registered non-profit organization (Amuta) founded by Mrs. Rachel Cohen on 1997.

The organization is dedicated to supply vital food to families and individuals who face "food insecurity" in Hod Hasharon.


Since its establishment, Reim has provided food baskets to deprived families twice a month. Prior to Rosh Hashana and Passover, the food distribution expands in content variety appropriate for holiday meals. While the association regularly supports 250 families in Hod Hasharon, the number of families assisted during the holidays increases to about 380.

All activities are performed by volunteers. The organization does not have any paid employees so all of its resources are dedicated to purchase food products for the needy families.


Reim activities are supported by financial donations, Hod Hasharon municipality and food donations mainly by 'Latet' and 'Leket Israel’ which are Israeli large organizations dedicated to grant food security to Israeli citizens.

In addition to its ongoing activities, the organization is committed to integrate youth in the activities as a primary educational objective. Reim coordinate its activities with all high schools in Hod Hasharon, with the Education department in the municipality and other parties interested in this endeavor.

Our gratitude to the organizations that supports our activities
Visit Us:
Reim , 37 Hashikmim St. 
Hod Hasharon
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